Vancouver 7: PD’s Hotshop.

The West 4th location was to be vacated, then torn down. They had a rager and salvaged a few bits of drywall Mutant artwork.

This box was full of NOS trucks from the 50’s. PD also had a stack of NOS decks from that era. He’ll be assembling them and selling them online soon.

An example of said setup.

Hometown roots.

Sample hood that PD was wearing. One of a kind. So is the hood.



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4 responses to “Vancouver 7: PD’s Hotshop.

  1. Ian-

    PD was talking about the time that we went to the abandoned zoo in MJ and skated the ditch. He talked about someone forgetting their hat behind. Was that you? I had completely forgotten the hat part of the story.

    I hadn’t forgotten the pink lettuce though.

  2. The PL is unforgettable. But I don’t remember a hat going missing either. I remember he was the only one really making that spot work and then later we went to the MJ park and I slammed bad on the ramp.

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